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Protecting the Marketplace Through Active Policy Engagement

存 Government Relations

存’s Government Relations team works collaboratively with lawmakers, 监管机构, trade associations and other key stakeholders in the U.S., 欧洲, Asia and Australia to help shape global legislative and regulatory policies on critical industry issues.

We share our unique insights gained through over 50 years of experience with government officials to advocate for sound public policy on issues that impact both global and regional financial markets.

Government Relations closely coordinates with 存’s business lines including our U.S. FSOC-designated Systemically Important Financial Market Utilities (SIFMU) providing 清算 and 结算 服务, our Institutional Trade Processing (ITP) offering and our 存储库 & Derivatives 服务 (RDS). From industry focus areas such as market structure and cybersecurity to data harmonization, fragmentation concerns and equivalence considerations, 存 shares its unique perspective with key stakeholders globally. Government Relations continues to closely monitor and engage as appropriate regarding targeted legislative and regulatory activity, working with policymaking bodies across jurisdictions. For example, in the U.S. the team engages with a range of stakeholders including the Administration and Congressional committees of jurisdiction such as Senate Banking and House Financial 服务, as well as congressional leadership and various issue-focused task-forces and caucuses. Across the 欧洲an Union, the Government Relations team liaises with key regulatory and legislative bodies including the 欧洲an Commission and Parliament, 欧洲证券与市场管理局, the EBA and ECB in addition to the National Competent Authorities (NCA) and national Central Banks. In the UK, the team coordinates with groups including the FCA, HMT and the Bank of England. Financial services policymakers across Australia, 香港, Japan and Singapore are also priorities for 存’s government relations engagement.

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Alison Wolpert - Managing Director,  Government Relations
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Meet members of 存's Government Relations team who work with lawmakers, 监管机构, and trade associations in the U.S., 欧洲, Asia and Australia to improve global and regional financial markets.